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Case Studies

Ada's powerful mobile engagement tools have moved the needle for many clients large and small.




Challenge: Assessing the satisfaction of BMW and Mini Clients

Solution: BMW created a text message campaign that sent their customer to a dedicated mobile landing page that invited them to complete an online survey.

Key Stats:
CTR (clickthrough rate): 42%
Survey completion rate: 27%

Thanks to Ada, BMW can now quickly and easily field surveys that get high customer engagement rates.




Challenge: Build awareness of the introduction of the new FIAT 500 at the Motor Village of Cannes.

Solution: Using the Ada integrated platform, Fiat created a campaign using promotional coupons, Facebook ads and SMS messaging.

Key Stats:
Views: 85,000
Coupons Redeemed: 300
Fiat 500s sold: 3



Residential Furniture

Challenge: Supporting retail development, communicating globally, customizing campaigns for different target markets.

Solution: Ada Retail multi-account 100

Key Stats:
+300% geo-localized Marketing campaigns
650,000 acquired prospects in store
98% store manager satisfaction with achieved results



Challenge: Reduce time-to-market of communications and marketing initiatives.

Solution: Mobile campaign created using Ada's opt-in tool, landing page suite, Storytelling tool and distributed using Ada's SMS, Social Sharing, Email, and Google Adwords tools.

Key Stats:
+250% in implemented marketing campaigns
+800% created mobile content
+120% coupons redeemed at point of sale
+32% increased revenue


Online Retailer

Challenge: Introduction of a new concept that changes the shopping experience for consumers.

Solution: Landing Social Coupon, integrated with a Facebook ad campaign.

Key Stats:
Unique visitors: 32,000
Leads: 3,150
Cost per Acquisition (CPA): €0.09 / $0.10


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