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Introducing Ada, our integrated SaaS system which includes tools for easily creating mobile content, sharing it in real time via SMS, email, Facebook, Google Adwords, or dedicated landing pages, and analyzing the results. The Ada platform has three parts in one integrated dashboard: Create, Distribute, and Measure.



With Ada, you can create mobile landing pages, storytelling ads, marketing emails, opt-in tools, social content, and chatbots. All are continually optimized for every mobile device so we do the complex development and you don't have to.



Ada's integrated tools enable you to distribute your mobile ads through multiple channels: via SMS, email, web, social media (Facebook ads and Google Adwords), and using our Wifi Spot technology and beacons.



Ada's powerful analytics suite enables you to track all your campaigns in real time in one place. As you build your campaigns, you also build your prospect database in Ada, and all your campaigns are integrated in our lead scoring system so you can qualify your prospects as hot, warm, or cold leads. This helps you determine which of your prospects are ready to begin the sales process, and which still need nurturing. You can also connect Ada to your CRM system using our APIs.


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